Psilocybe Cyanescens

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Psilocybe Cyanescens is a popular psychedelic mushroom known for its greater content of psilocybin and extreme visual trips. According to Paul Stamets, an American mycologist and mushroom expert,

Panaeolus Cyanscens is known to be the fourth most powerful magic mushroom strain ever grown on planet Earth.

With several studies showing that they are 3-7 times more strong than Psilocybe Cubensis.

One of the unusual characteristics of this particular mushroom strain is that it contains serotonin and higher psilocin levels,

Psilocybe Cyanescens spores ( Psilocybe Cyanescens spore print )

Which would characterize its smooth experience with less uncertainty and physical discomfort,

A quick, happy and blissful trip and more.

This mushroom strain is also stronger due to higher concentrations of psilocin,

More lucid and vibrant visual sensations and incredibly intense euphoric feelings.

Panaeolus Cyanscens, a highly cerebral strain of mushrooms, has a more clear-headed and less foggy psychedelic experience.

‘Drunk’ feeling than normal strains of Psilocybe Cubensis.


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