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Great place !! good deals, discreet packaging, and i got a free joint !! Delivered super fast which is what i expected . ordering off here again tonight


faithful client St, CA

Great online service, easy payment and quick response time. Delivery is really fast and they even sent a surprise gift. Thnks guys


Oakland, US

I am a recent one here and try your product for the first time. This is the best experience for me. Going to book here many concentrates which become useful for my health.

Riko Ka

Miami FL

Purchasing psychedelics from Purchasing psychedelics from Psychedelic Online Dispensary has always been a pleasure. I love their professionalism. has always been a pleasure. I love their professionalism.
As someone who has experienced clinical depression for more than 30 years, I have searched for help in every way I could. From electro-shock treatments to various antidepressant and antianxiety medications, I never found anything which allowed me to be free from depression for any sustained period of time. Ok, so I got maybe 5-6 treatments from mid feb-early march. My family and friends noticed a difference in me right away but I didn’t notice for a week or two. I’m a dopefiend and it doesn’t trip that part of my brain. I don’t think “if I did more of this I’d feel better”. It feels just like a flip was switched somewhere. Apparently once you’ve been getting treatments you just need “boosts”, one or two treatments instead of 4-6 like originally.” Psychedelic Dispensary is really reaching out here, I believe in the process. Ketamine infusion is what I’m holding on to at the moment
I have been online looking for the best cali plug flavors thank God i finally found your online store. There is no where better than u guys. Please keep up with the good work. Your discreet shipment has been a life changer for me. thanks so much healthypsilocybin.com. looking forward to make the big move with you guys
I can willingly recommend this site healthypsilocybin.com for any one looking for good products and a reliable delivery order. At first i was skeptical but i decided to give a go , trust me i don't regret. I’m definitely ordering more on my next order, great strain with amazing aroma.
Atlanta GA
This was 100% one of the most important experiences in my life. Everything has changed since I started dealing with psychedelic online dispensary – I perceive things differently. My love for myself has been restored. I now know that I house everything I need to know, it’s just a matter of looking inside and listening, Thank you!
There were weeks that, because of my medicines, I had to choose between buying a medicine and getting groceries for that week. You guys helped with that predicament, THANKS!
United Kingdom
My friend suggested I go to healthypsilocybin.com and see how much they were there… not only was it cheaper, they were actually offering free advice on how to start microdosing and I’m glad psilocybin is gradually changing my mental health.
My experience with healthypsilocybin.com gave me a lot of confidence about my self and my body. A bunch of bad thought / behavior patterns were broken. Before all I could do was lay in bed. Now I am trying to rebuild my life one step at a time which wasn’t possible before.”
Atlanta GA